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Innovative World Solutions

Patentable Inventions Brought to Market

Innovative World Solutions (IWS) unharnesses creative ingenuity and leading-edge strategies to support the discovery and creation of inspiring solutions. We are well skilled in developing novel ideas from concept to their fullest potential. IWS embraces the possibilities of the future. We are a trusted company with credibility and dedication to excellence.

Our Founding Story

Two established business executives, Cindy Chambers and Steven Frederickson, founded Innovative World Solutions. Both leaders have solid values, years of proven success, and a keen interest in creating groundbreaking solutions to improve lives. This creative and energizing leadership team inspires Innovative World Solutions to provide exciting solutions for businesses and individuals.

Innovative World Solutions
Innovative World Solutions
Innovative World Solutions


Large Businesses


Revolutionize Businesses

Innovative World Solutions is headquartered in Loudoun County, Virginia, where its creative solutions are strategically positioned for global impact.

Innovative World Solutions has patents pending and awarded to revolutionize businesses and improve the lives of people on a global level. With our business solutions embracing technology and communications of the future, Innovative World Solutions is well-positioned to transform businesses and lives for years to come.

Our leadership

With a leadership team of exceptional expertise in creating and building successful businesses and designing and creating progressive, state-of-the-art products and services, Innovative World Solutions is well positioned for global impact.

Innovative World Solutions

Our Executive Leadership Team

With strong solutions experience and years of proven success, this leadership team is well equipped to break the barriers of the future.

Innovative World Solutions’ executive leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of creating and building businesses and driving them to success through creative ingenuity. This dynamic team’s proficiency includes developing groundbreaking solutions to improve lives, and solving problems utilizing progressive, state-of-the-art tools, technology, and processes.

Cindy Chambers, CEO

Cindy Chambers, CEO

Cindy has extensive executive management experience working with start-ups and billion-dollar companies.
She created and successfully managed teams of up to 900 employees and led numerous multimillion-dollar initiatives to success, focusing on increasing revenue and profitability through the creation and launch of leading-edge products and services.

Cindy is proficient in all aspects of business, systems, and product development lifecycles. She led the first implementation of over-the-air activation for mobile services in the United States. Cindy has received numerous awards for innovation and creativity.

Steven Frederickson, President, and COO

Steven Frederickson, President, and COO

Steven is a strong executive leader of corporate initiatives, consistently exceeding goals. He was fast-tracked to the role of President of a billion-dollar company for outstanding creativity, problem-solving, leadership, and fiscal accountability skills.

Regarded as a visionary, Steven consistently brings corporate enterprises to financial strength. He is renowned for his innovative and progressive approach towards effective management. He has energized a 200 million dollar company to successful multi-state expansion resulting in five-fold growth in revenue and profitability.